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Awesome write up. Queued up the podcast on spotify. This better be as good as you say Brian ;)

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Let me know what you think once you listen to it!

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Aug 3, 2023·edited Aug 3, 2023Liked by Brian Shih

I had a 2h drive today for a meeting, and I finished the episode then. Didn't disappoint. Somethings that resonated:

1) Most advice being bs, except for very specific tactical one.

2) People spending time on doing things they hate.

3) Getting paid for words/ advice. Interesting given what he says about advice being bs :)

4) The take on VC funding usually not being a good option for founders also made sense. This whole circus is good for VC GPs (not even their LPs), and no one else. What a sham.

Thanks for sharing Brian, and looking fwd to your write up!

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